How Can I Get Pre-Approved For The Indigo Credit Card?

How Can I Get Pre-Approved For The Indigo Credit Card? This is because the world of credit cards is very irresistible, promising rewards, convenience, and the possibility to build credit.

However, one important step that most people skip before they plunge into choosing a specific card is pre-approval.

This guide will walk you through the process of pre-approval for an Indigo Credit Card and help you make better decisions that can increase your chances of getting approved.

How Can I Get Pre-Approved For The Indigo Credit Card

How Can I Get Pre-Approved For The Indigo Credit Card?

Let’s face it; being turned down for a credit card application can be devastating. When this happens, someone might feel dejected leading to negative consequences on their credit score. And this is why we should go for pre-approval:

Therefore, one gets an idea about whether he is likely to get the cards through pre-approvals. Afterward, only apply for those cards that have greater chances of success. Unlike hard inquiry in actual application, there is usually a soft inquiry during pre-approval which does not affect your FICO scores negatively.

Having information like if one has any pre-approvals can enable him/her to compare offers and select the most suitable credit card to meet her/his needs and financial situation.

The Indigo Credit Card

Indigo Airlines frequent flyers receive travel-focused benefits from co-branded Indigo Credit Cards issued by select banks. Some quick details are below:

  • Earn More 6E Rewards: These points are redeemable towards flying options such as flights with IndiGo airlines or airport lounge usage among others.
  • Discounted Convenience Fee: If booking an IndiGo flight ticket;
  • Other Possible Benefits: Welcome bonuses may be available based on what type this card version belongs to including free meals onboard or priority boarding services.

Remember: But that’s just a summary. Remember, each bank you apply to and every card variant you choose will have its unique features and advantages.

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Understanding Pre-Approval for the Indigo Credit Card

Now let us get deeper into why pre-approval matters and what is Indigo Credit Card in brief:

Pre-Approval Explained: For example, banks or issuers make decisions relating to whether they are going to give you their card based on such things as your credit score, income levels, etc.; hence, pre-approvals can be considered as preliminary assessments of your creditworthiness.

How to Check Pre-Approval? How do I know if I am pre-approved for an Indigo Credit Card? These are some ways include:    

  1. Online Pre-Approval Tool: Certain banks providing the Indigo card have online tools where you can enter a few basic details and see if you match their underwriting standards. This makes it easier to assess your eligibility quickly without following up with anyone.    
  2. Pre-Approval Offers: You may also receive offers of pre-approved status through mail or email for Indigo cards if your credit profile fits within their target range.

Pre-Approval and Credit Score: Thus, though not assuring final approval, it means that there might be higher chances of being initially approved considering the provided first data in this case. Note that normally these inquiries are mild and therefore will not affect your rating.

Getting Preapproved for the Indigo Credit Card

Before starting the process of pre-approval, it is recommended that you get a copy of your credit report to look for any discrepancies or errors. This will help you understand how creditworthy you are and address any issues that can affect your chances of getting approved.

If your credit score falls below the average range for an Indigo card, make arrangements to build it up before beginning pre-approval. You may achieve this by settling any outstanding debts and maintaining low levels of credit utilization.

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Start Pre-Approval Process: When you have confidence in your credit ratings, proceed with the pre-qualification process. There are two common ones:    

  • Online Application: Many banks that issue Indigo cards provide an internet-based system for ascertaining who qualifies. The tool usually asks a few questions such as name, residence, and income particulars. After submitting answers, wait for results which come immediately.      
  • Phone Application: Alternatively, call the company directly concerning their possibilities for prequalification, and expect some inquiries regarding your financial situation.

Understanding the Power of Pre-Approval

The lender (here, the issuer of the Indigo Credit Card) assesses your eligibility for a particular credit card by conducting pre-approval. A soft credit check is done during preapproval which will not affect your credit score. Here are some things you may find out from a pre-approval:

When you’re preapproved, you can be pretty sure that your application for the Indigo Credit Card will be granted. That way, you’re shielded from losing hope in case rejection could happen or face hard inquiry on your credit report causing a slight drop in your FICO score.

Potential credit limit and terms:  While being pre-approved you might get an idea of how much limit would be available for and interest rate possible. This information helps guide the responsible use of borrowing options.

Pre-Approval for the Indigo Credit Card

Indigo caters specifically to those seeking to start anew with their scores. How does getting a chance at being approved beforehand help?

  • Faster application process: Once you’ve collected all required papers the process is streamlined through a preliminary assessment.
  • Increased approval chances: Your state of mind matters less since before completing and turning in an application form, one knows if they have been selected or not.
  • Building credit responsibly: Know how much you can spend by being pre-approved and this helps in building a good credit history through responsible usage of the card.
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Considerations for Pre-Approval

Although there are many advantages of pre-approval, it is important to have a balanced view:

Pre-approval isn’t a guarantee: It is possible to get disallowed even after receiving pre-approval for your whole application. The reason might be that your creditworthiness has changed recently or some other factors were left out during the process of pre-approval.

Impact on credit score: Remember that pre-approval means a soft inquiry and thus does not count on FICO. But in actual application, there will be a hard pull that could temporarily bring down the score by a few points.

Understanding the terms and conditions: Don’t get caught off guard by hidden fees or interest rates. Go through the conditions accompanying the proffer of pre-approval carefully enough before saying yes.

Alternatives for non-pre-approved applicants: If you are not offered an Indigo Credit Card as a result of no prequalifying don’t worry, because there is life after death; try to find an alternative such as secured cards or credit builder loans that enable you to establish your credit history.


How Can I Get Pre-Approved For The Indigo Credit Card? Pre-approval is an invaluable resource for dealing with credit cards.

You can use it to make informed choices as regards Indigo Credit Card if you understand its merits and demerits. Always remember that responsible credit management is very important.

Take advantage of the pre-approval process, be careful about your expenses, and enjoy witnessing the blossoming of your credit score!

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